When the lease has expired, and the date of lease has passed, your lease would become a ‘periodic agreement.’ This means your lease is bounded by the originally signed lease terms. You could ask for a lease renewal. The owner of the property would then make a decision on whether to i) renew the lease with a new set of terms, ii) allow the originally signed set of terms continue, or iii) ask the tenant to vacate the property. It is generally in your best interest to discuss the lease with the property manager well before the expiry.

If the property is sold, during your lease, you have every right to stay at the property until the lease term ends. When the lease is about to expire, it would be up to the new property owner to decide whether to continue leasing the property or ask for the tenant to vacate.

When this occurs, the tenant would need to be prepared to pay for expenses involved for the property manager to locate a new tenant. The expenses include, i) continue to pay rent until a new tenant is found and lease signed, as well as ii) associated marketing & admin fees.

When the tenant leaves the property without notice, this would likely result in the loss of your bond and also creates a bad rental history on your record. This effectively would make it difficult for you to rent in the future.

If circumstances have changed that you require to leave before the lease expires, talk to the Rencal Realty team. We are here to assist you.

When this is the scenario, contact the Rencal Realty team as soon as possible. Any handover or take over of lease term must be carried out correctly and legally. Tenants need to be made aware your property manager or the owner would definitely agree to the request of a handover or take over of your lease term. The necessary steps of completing a Rental Application Form, and income check will be carried out.

Contact your property manager straight away. Describe to him/her the item that requires repairing. The property manager will take necessary action to ensure the repair is carried out by qualified tradesman, in a timely manner. Do not carry out repairs by yourself, unless it involves changing a light bulb.

Contact your property manager. Be honest to him or her of your circumstance, and advice when do you expect to pay the rent. Your property manager would be able to act on your behalf to advice the owner.

Condition Report is a documentation that the property manager uses during the inspection to state the condition of the property. You are not legally obligated to sign the condition report. However, failing to sign the condition report within the stated time frame, indicates you agree with the condition of the property as stated by the property manager. To ensure the condition report is a true representation of the state of the property, we do encourage you sign it.

This is an often-confused part of taking out a rental property. At the start of your rental agreement, you would be required to pay for the first 2 weeks rent. The bond adds on top of the 2 weeks rent. The 2 weeks rent in advance acts as a pay-in-advance protocol. Unless you start paying rent on the day you move in, each day after you move in and have not pay for rent, takes away from the 2 weeks rent in advance. If you don’t pay rent until 2 weeks since you move in, you have therefore, used up all your rent in advance. This is, however, not recommended.

In instance where there has been accidental damage to the property, take a few photos and report the damage to your property manager as soon as possible. The property manager will act on your behalf to advise the owner. Owner would then make a decision on how and who is to make the repair. Under most circumstances, the tenant would be responsible for the repair.

All changes to the property must be approved by the owner. Your idea of putting on new curtains would need to be communicated with your property manager. You would need to offer details as the colours, styles of the curtains and how you would install. Making changes to the property without permission could result in a breach of the rental agreement. This could result in installed items removed, and any damages repaired at tenant’s expense.

You may contact a locksmith directly at your own cost. However, if you lose or lock your keys inside the property during business hours you may come and collect our office set of keys to allow you access to the property. These keys must be returned to our office as soon as possible.