Simply fill out a Switch to Rencal Form, and we will do the rest. We will contact your current property manager on your behalf.

When it comes to fees, we think in your perspective. We are up-front with all our fees, no hidden fees whatsoever. Management fee and letting fee are our charges.

Our team is dedicated to use the shortest time to find the right tenant for your property. We believe every property is different and unique. Therefore, working out an exact timeframe would depend on a number of different variables like location, price, current market trends, presentation etc. Call us now and speak with a friendly member of our team.

Yes, most definitely. Prior to forwarding you the rental applications, our team would carry out the necessary checks and searches are complete on all potential tenants. We do assist with your decision-making, to ensure the right tenant is chosen for your property.

Yes, owners are entitled to set special terms and conditions. We will guide you through this process, as the special terms and conditions cannot discriminate against the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act (2008).

General maintenance by the owners is completely fine. A licensed tradesperson is, however, required for major plumbing and electrical works. If you have a preferred tradesperson, we are happy to contact them on your behalf.

Maintenance of a rental property is to be carried out by the owner. Generally, tenants could change light bulbs. Other works, such as changing taps or replace cracked glass, are to be carried out by a qualified tradesman. Arrange for repairs are part of Rencal Realty’s services.

This rarely occurs. However, it has occurred before where a vacating tenant has made damage to your property where the cost of repairs is higher than the bond. If this does occur, the Rencal Realty team would put through a legal order asking the tenant to pay for the necessary amount needed to carry out the repairs. Photos would be taken as proof of damage, and quotation from tradesman to carry out repairs, would be compiled and prepared to attach with the legal order.

Owners are not required to pay for the water bill. To make this effective, owners would need to have a Water Compliance Certificate in place where it states the tenant is responsible for paying their whole water usage. To comply with the Water Compliance Certificate, the owner is required to ensure water saving devices and flow restrictors are installed.

Yes, your investment property can be on-the-market while tenanted. Owners need to be aware that tenants do not legally have to allow for open homes, professional photos or on-site auction. If the property is sold within the tenancy term, the new buyer would need to honor the lease term until it expires. It is possible to terminate the lease early. This would, however, need to be negotiated by our team with the tenant.

It is perfectly fine for owners to manage their own property. Owners, however, need to be made aware there are strict legislative requirements. If owners are found to be in breach of the Residential Tenancies Act, they are subject to disciplinary charges. Why not leave this risk to the Rencal Realty team? We see your property like our own.

The rent is generally set by the rental market in the area of your property. The general rule of thumb is good tenants are hard to come by. Thus, the rent for good tenants tend to be a bit lower. Recognition of the good tenant looking after your property and paying rent on-time. If you are unsure whether your property is receiving the right amount of rent, contact the Rencal Realty team today. We are happy to offer an obligation free Rental Appraisal on your property.